Welcome to Paradise Tax....Tax Preparation, Audit Support and IRS Representation

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others" - Jonathan Swift

Welcome to Paradise Tax

Paradise Tax was founded to assist tax payers to reduce their tax liability and maximize their refund. This belief requires listening to the client to understand their tax complexities and the skills of engaging the clients to know what they qualify for to maximize their refund. Every client who leaves Paradise Tax offices does so with a clear understanding of why they received that exact refund.

At Paradise Tax you get accurate returns, fast refund and professional advice like record-keeping and how to prepare yourself for the next tax season. We have detailed knowledge in the preparation of individual income tax, self-employed, home business, partnership and many more. We also handle all complex tax issues including audits and amendments.

When you come to us for your income tax preparation, it is our professional responsibility to obtain the biggest refund you deserve. We have the knowledge and experience of saving you money by finding all the tax breaks you qualify for with money back guaranteed.

Paradise Tax was founded by Mr. Oppong with the simple belief that customers are the number one priority and the business is for the benefit of the tax payer. With computerized income tax preparation and E-file, accurate tax return is assured with fast refund. Paradise Tax is the best place for your income tax preparation, audit support, consultation and representation. We are available all year for any tax issue you might have. Please call 508-762-9564.

"Paradise Tax has a friendly environment. I feel so welcome every time I do business with this office. If I have any tax question that concerns me, Paradise Tax explains every detail. I am a proud to be a satisfied customer.." Tasha Wayne

"I had this popular Tax Office did my 2012 Tax; they made so many errors, and wanted me to pay additional money to amend my tax return. I was livid!!!! My friend suggested that I visit Paradise Tax to get some basic information on this process. I did and must I say I was excited because Paradise Tax amend my tax return at a low cost and explained exactly what happened. I promised to return the following Tax season.." David Johnson

"I did my tax with Paradise Tax, and I did not know I can get tax credit on my school books. I am so relief, because books for higher education are not cheap!!! ." Steve Asamoah

"My wife and I did our taxes with a so called tax professional who never educated us about injured spouse since my wife owe IRS on her previous tax returns. We never receive our refund and IRS sent us a bill for my wife’s prior tax liability. My paid tax preparer was giving me excuses and talking about complexity. Mr. Oppong at Paradise Tax did an Injured Spouse form for me and I was exempt from my wife’s past that liability and had my portion of my tax refund." Ken Komo